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What is Pay by Phone?

BRPL/BYPL has started offering highly convenient bill payment option called Pay by Phone through its coordination with the BillDesk. You just need to use your credit/debit card or other payment making options from auto debit from bank to internet banking options whatever you find suitable.

Once payment is done, you immediately get a transaction confirmation through the Transaction Reference Number instantly.

How does it work?

Fill the registration form and then submit it to the concerned customer care centre if you are willing to avail such Pay by Phone service. This process is not repeatable and is a one time formality to get it registered for future transactions:

  • BillDesk has to be given the payment instruction you want to make monthly for that phone details are required for SMS payment services.

  • If Autopay is chosen, then your bank/credit card account gets auto debited monthly on the due date.

What are the Advantages of Pay by phone?

  • Convenience: If your choice is through internet pay, SMS or a phone payment option, then it is a convenient option to pay from anywhere. Auto Debit from bank/credit card account is done while standing instructions are set for such payments.

  • Free Service: No charges are levied for the services under Pay by Phone option.

  • Flexibility: You have flexibility for making payments through Pay by Phone service that gives you choice to select any of the payment making options from Phone Internet to SMS and or credit card/bank Auto Debit et al.

How do I Register for Pay by phone?

Make a call on the number 011-39999707/39999808 to obtain a registration form from us. Check our website or approach the customer care centre to obtain these forms if you like so. Once your form is filled, the next step is to go to the nearest customer care centre or visit a drop box to submit the form there. Filled registration form is sent to the specific banks for approval purposes. Pay by Phone Service is activated in couple of days within three working days once bank approves the form. Such registration confirmations are also intimated through Email/SMS in case the applicant provides mobile number and email id for that purpose. Those customers choosing a service to make payments through internet are provided a password on registered email to use to make the online payments instantly.

After registration, how can I pay my bill every month using Pay by phone?


  • Due Date and Bill Amount information is shared to customer by SMS upon the generation of a new bill as an alert via SMS days before the actual bill generates or billing date occurs.  

  • SMS is also sent to inform about the success or failure of payment done/not done as a bill payment confirmation for the account debits.

  • It usually takes 5 working days to update the BSES account after payments.

By Phone

  • You keep receiving bills as per the set schedule.

  • Approach BillDesk by calling on 011-46869000 from 9.30 am and 6.00 pm on working days.

  • Provide bill details for the issuance of a payment instruction over the phone itself.

  • Unique transaction ID is generated instantly for future reference of payment done/not done.

  • It takes maximum 2 working days to debit the bill amount from the bank account.

  • It takes 5 working days to update the bill amount paid details.

  • Make sure you give the payment instruction at least 5 days in advance to get it done without facing any hassle.

By Internet

  • An email is sent for new bill alerts.

  • Visit website.

  • Use your login id which is your email and password to log for this service.

  • In case, there is a bill, then it is shown there for due payment details.

  • Select any bank account registered with it and click on pay for instant payment.

  • It may take two days to debit bill amount from your bank for the bill to be paid.

  • It usually takes 5 working days to update the BSES account for payments done reflection.

  • Make sure to go for online payment option at least 5 working days before bill payment due date for the payments at the right juncture.  

By Auto Debit to your bank/credit card account

  • Total bill amount would be paid automatically every month from the credit card/bank account you had registered for that purpose.

  • Debiting of payments might be up to 3 working days before your payment’s due date.

  • Ensure to have sufficient funds in your bank account for hassle-free payment making.

  • BSES accounts are usually updated by due dates only.

  • You receive alerts for new bills as well as payment made conformations through SMS and email in case you had offered phone number and email id for such purposes.

How do I get my Payment Confirmation?

  • An email or SMS is sent to inform the payment made if you had submitted your mobile number and email id for that particular purpose.

  • Check the latest update of payment made for conformation within 5 working days from the payment is made by visiting website for detailed confirmation.

  • The next bill sent also confirms the previous payment made details.

  • Payment confirmation can also be done over the phone by calling BillDesk on 011- 46869000 to get latest information on payment confirmation.

Can I pay my power bill without registering?

By keeping in view the safety and security of consumers having registered as users are given permission to avail such services and make payments for which their credit cards/bank accounts are pre-registered.

Can I pay my by Pay by Phone (SMS and Phone Pay) on the due date and not get charged late payment surcharge (LPSC)?

To ensure that consumers don’t face any security breach issues, they are advised to register first. That is why only registered users are facilitated to use this service to make payments for that they need to have bank/credit card accounts preregistered to make payments. Avoid the late payment surcharge (LPSC) by ensuring to make payments at least three working days well in advance.