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The monthly bill scheme is receiving the bill on monthly basis that means getting total 12 bills every year. BYPL has started the scheme of delivering each month bill since February 2014 for the domestic, non-domestic and industrial users who till February 2014 were receiving the bills every 2 months whereas the remaining consumer already receive their bills on monthly basis.

A 10 KW load has been approved for the single phase consumers comprising of domestic, commercial and industrial users who receive their bills after every second month. The remaining electricity users already receive their electricity usage bills bi-monthly.

The BYPL users who stay in Eastern and Central part of Delhi receive their bills every month.

After getting the feedback from the users BYPL made the decision of dispersing the monthly bills for all types of BYPL consumers. The other practices followed by BYPL are of international levels. Such type of dispersing monthly bills by BYPL especially for the household consumers helps them in planning their monthly budgets and thus supporting them to organize their every month expenditures.

Benefits of Monthly Billing

  • The major benefit of getting bills every month rather than getting bills every two months helps the household users of Eastern and Central Delhi to streamline their monthly expenditures.

  • Supporting the consumers by aligning their other types of monthly bills like cable/DTH, phone bills, credit card bills and any monthly EMIs with the monthly electricity bills.

  • Letting the consumer get regular information about the usage helps them regularize and conserve not only their usages but also energy conservation.

  • The other benefits related to the every two months bill remains the same for monthly billing system. ┬áThe due date time for submitting bills will still remain to be 15 days.

  • There will be extra charges levied for dispersing the electricity consumption bills on monthly basis.