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Following is the procedure to get the new Connection from BSES Delhi:

The application form can be downloaded from the following link:

The other way to get the new connection is to visit the nearest divisional or sub divisional office. New connection requisition form is available there. The applicant can fill the form and submit it at the same office.

Photocopy of below mentioned documents is also required to submit:

  • Voter ID
  • Sale or Ownership Agreement
  • Ration Card
  • Passport
  • Any Registered Society’s Recent Monthly Receipt
  • Photographs Passport Size
  • No Objection Document if Applicant is Tenant
  • Allotment or Possession Letter

If the applicant is a co owner of any asset, then the applicant has to show the NOC from the other owner.

Following is the additional information regarding getting a new connection:

An electric contractor registered by the Government should authenticate the test report and mention the load details of the connection including all the equipment used at the applicant’s place.

After submitting the form of requisitions, an acknowledgement receipt is sent to the applicant. The Unique number of the application long with the date and details of the submission of the form are mentioned on this receipt. Once this acknowledgement receipt is released next step is the visit of an Electric Engineer to the premises of the applicant. The details submitted by the applicant are verified by the engineer during this visit. The verification by the engineer decides whether the application will be accepted or rejected. If the request for new connection is sanctioned, a demand note is generated. The required amount has to be submitted by the applicant at the BSES office. Within seven days from submission of the demand note, the connection is activated.